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Student Broadband Best Deals

Our top student broadband hotpicks

What is student broadband?

Student broadband usually isn’t any different from regular broadband – except when it comes to the price. Many companies offer discounted deals for broadband accounts if the purchaser is an active student.


What broadband speed shall I get?

This depends on a few factors. First, your own usage habits. If you browse the Internet for articles and use word processing, but not much more, then you probably don’t use much data for school. If you’re a graphic artist though, or a film student, and are constantly taking from and uploading to the Internet, then school-related data usage will be much higher.

Consider too, your living situation. If you have roommates that are also students, or who work online, you will want to increase your data package to suit their needs and habits as well.

Finally, life isn’t just about school – even if you’re a full time student! You’ll likely watch movies, browse for fun, and see what cute kittens are new on Youtube – so be sure to take recreational use into account as well.


Fibre optic, wireless and mobile internet

Fibre optic Internet systems are the fastest, and can provide the widest bandwidth (in other words, the biggest “pipe” through which data can flow). If the building you live in suits this, and your data needs are high, then this is the way to go.

Wireless has its advantages, and for most people, is a must. You can have a fibre optic system to your router, and capture wireless signals from there. It will be a little slower than plugging in directly to the fibre-optic-fed router, but for most people the difference is negligible. Some buildings, however, can cause interference with wireless signals. Heavy stone construction, or thick concrete walls and floors can make wireless less practical, or may require additional hubs to cover the full interior.

If you are on the move often, and need to connect when not at home, then you will likely want to include a mobile package. This allows you to use data via your smartphone, without paying inflated charges or having your phone bill run away on you. Keep in mind though, that these services are slower, and often have a cap on data use – after which additional fees are charged for use.


How long do students have to sign up for broadband?

Most programs of study are at least 8 months long, and most student broadband contracts are for 9 months to a year. This means that you should sign up immediately, once you have secured your residence, especially if you are not planning to be in school for more than a year. If your program lasts longer of course, then a 12 month contract may be more suitable.


Student broadband, tv and phone deals

Working your brain is part of school life, but resting the brain is also necessary and important. If that means kicking back to watch a movie Friday night, or having friends over to catch that important home team match, then you may want to include a TV package.

Likewise, a land line or mobile deal is often on offer with a broadband package.

Determine what it is you need, what is within your budget, and choose accordingly.


Finding the best student broadband deal

If you will be living alone, then it will be easier to determine the package you need – but you’ll be footing the whole bill. If you are sharing a house, then the best plan might be to go for the biggest package you can, and share it among each resident. This often results in less outlay per person, and a far better deal on the package. Take caution though, if not every resident is reliable in paying their share, you may be on the line for picking up the slack – and that can be costly.

Determine your needs. Consider your living situation. Choose the deal that’s best for you.

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