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Our Top Picks for Sim Only Deals

What is a sim only deal?

A sim only deal, is when you sign up for a contract that provides a sim card, but no phone. It provides the data, the calling minutes, and the number of texts on offer at a certain price.


Why get a sim only contract?

If you already own a phone, or have the money to buy one outright, you can save hundreds of pounds over the period of your contract. When a mobile company provides the phone as part of the contract, it factors in the purchase price and interest rates for the phone, much like buying it with a credit card and paying it out over a year or two. Those costs add up.


Advantages of sim only deals

As well as a lower cost, sim only deals can be more flexible.

If you find your phone is growing obsolete, or that you want to buy the newest model, you can simply transfer the sim into the new phone – the contract stays the same.

Contracts for sim-only can be shorter and offer more flexibility in terms of data usage.

If your credit score is low, you are also more likely to pass a credit check for a sim only contract. If you fail to pay, the sim can be shut off remotely – there is no expensive handset to chase down. Lower risk for the provider, means a lower threshold for the credit check.


How do Sim only deals work?

When you get a sim only deal, you select the number of minutes you want, the number of texts, and the amount of data. The provider will give you the sim card and you insert it into your phone. Once you activate the card – usually a simple (automated) phone call – you are ready to go.


What sim card should I buy?

There are three major types of sim card, and most phones take one of the three. There are Standard (the largest), Micro (the middle size), and Nano (the smallest).

Most of the time, the card you receive will be a three in one version, and you simply press out the size your phone requires. There will be a tiny door in the side of our device that can be opened with a paper clip, pin, or tool designed for the purpose. Slide out the holder, and set the sim card in place. Slide the holder back in, and the phone should detect it immediately.

These are pretty small though, and need to go in the right way up. If you’re not sure which one you need, or are nervous about doing this yourself, most providers will do it for you at no charge.

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