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Our cheap holidays hotpicks


Different types of holiday

All inclusive holidays

The whole point of a holiday is to get away from the stress of regular life, so for the ultimate in getting away, try an all-inclusive package. These include your transportation to and from the destination, your lodgings and food costs, and allow you to wander virtually wallet-free and still have everything you need.

Know the cost before you go – and then relax.


Summer Holidays

Getting away during peak holiday times can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get some good deals. The trick is to actually book well in advance, because last minute breaks are not as cheap as people think. The earlier you book flights the cheaper they often are, particularly for peak season travel. The same goes for hotels. The reason for this is likely due to supply and demand. When July and August are near, there will be very few options left, and if there are options, the vendor will charge a premium as so many people will be prepared to pay the extra.


City Breaks

If you want to keep costs low and have a cultural experience that fits a tight schedule, a city break is a great fit. There are more choices than there are cities to visit, so make sure to cast your net wide and see what new adventures are out there to be found.


Couples holidays

Up for a romantic weekend on a secluded beach or nights of dancing in the hottest destinations? Hey, why not both? You can find the best deals on the coolest destinations by comparing using this guide.


Family Holidays

When a couple turns into a family, the costs of travel quickly mount and the desired venues can change. Find a great destination that excites the grown-ups as well as the little ones – and get a great price.

Getting the best holiday deal – Cheap flights

If you’re the type who likes to take each day as it comes and find opportunity for adventure – or relaxation – where it presents itself, you can still benefit from the cheapest deals in flights.

Get there for less, and use the savings to enhance your exploration.

Tips: Search first thing in the morning, about 50 days from your departure date – and clear your browser history before you search; some companies will increase prices if you have a lot of recent travel searches in your browser. Fly on Tuesday if you can, and the later in the day, the better.


Cheap hotels

Don’t need a deal on flights or package deals? No problem, use to find the best hotel rooms at the lowest prices.

Tips: If you’re booking for the weekend, check the business districts first – they’re less busy on weekends and can have some great deals. Book no more than a month in advance, but not last-minute either. Finally, check in as late as the hotel allows; if they’ve run out of standard rooms, you’ll get a free upgrade to a better room.


Getting the best villa for your holiday

If traditional hotels are not your style, or you prefer to self-cater and relax in the seclusion of a private villa, let us help you find the perfect getaway at a great rate. Villas book up quickly, so once you know you want one, secure it as soon as you find the right place at the right price. It certainly is a case of ‘you snooze you lose’ in the internet holidays arena.

Tips: Watch for early booking offers, avoid peak travel times if you can, and sign up for newsletters from your favourite hotels and destinations.


Costs in destination and exchange rates

Don’t just consider the airfare and hotel; keep in mind the costs of food, transport and entertainment once you get there. These might be very low, if you plan to self-cater and stay in your villa, but they can also quickly mount if you are exploring and trying out the local sights and cuisine.


Single traveller deals

Travelling alone? Many companies will reduce the price for single occupancy. Be careful though, sometimes this means a poor view and a cramped little room. If the space you stay in is important, bite the bullet and pay for the double room.

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