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Where to Compare Mobile Phones?

How should I choose a new mobile phone?

When you start looking for a new mobile phone, you’ll quickly learn that there are more choices out there now than ever before – and more coming every month. With a selection like that, how do you start finding the one that’s right for you?

It begins with a clear idea of what you need – and what you want. Let’s take a look at the basic categories.


Basic mobile phones

By far the cheapest way to go is a basic mobile phone. These work fine for calling and, with a little more effort than on a smartphone, can text, but they won’t run apps like GPS, email, of Internet browsing. We keep one around the house for the use of out-of-country guests. It’s also a great option for older people who don’t want the extra features – just a basic, functional phone that fits in a purse or jacket pocket.



Smartphones are more than just a phone/text device; they are pocket computers and multimedia stations. They can take great pictures, video and audio, connect to the Internet, and a whole host of other functions – with more coming almost by the hour. Just to put it in perspective, a smartphone today is considerably more powerful than a new desktop computer was five years ago.

If you want to browse the Internet, follow a GPS app to a certain location, monitor your sleep habits, exercise regime, or watch a movie on public transport – this is the tool that can do it.

Smartphones also come in a stunning array of styles, sizes and colours.


Business mobile phones

You may think that, with options like those, the smartphone is ideal for work too. For many people, that’s true, but there are still specialist work phones out there, designed with work primarily in mind. Remember Blackberry? They’re still providing mobile business devices for the dedicated worker. Less stylish than their civilian counterparts, these business mobile phones often come with full qwerty keyboards, advanced email, security measures, and an office suite for getting work done from out of the office.


Choosing a mobile phone deal

Almost as important as the device you choose, is the network and options you choose to support it. Before you purchase your new phone, stop in to a provider or two and discuss what they support, which deals best fit your needs, and the costs to get what you want. One provider might have a handset you want, but not the deal you need to make it work for you. Another might have the right deals, but not the phone you had your heart set on. Shop around. Once you know what it is you’re looking for, with regard to the device and the service, the process gets a lot quicker.

With some preparation and a little legwork, you’ll soon be making dinner plans – or making £££ – on the device that’s right for you.

So which Mobile Phone should I choose?

The simple answer is that there is no simple answer!! It depends on what your needs are from a phone and what sort of phone you are used to, combined with your age/willingness to learn.

Our advice is that everyone should have a smartphone of some description. The internet has become very mobile focused thanks mainly to Google and a large proportion of searches are made on a mobile or tablet device in current times. The affordability of smart phones is another big factor of why you should own one, because literally almost everyone can afford to own one!

Some Android phones from China from ebay for example a Huawai, can be had for under £150, and give you access to thousands of apps on the android store, and of course a superb mobile browsing experience.

The other side of the fence would be Microsoft OS smartphones, with a larger proportion of people being fans of Apples iconic Iphone. The Iphone uses IOS and has iterated itself to be pretty much the top of the smartphone tree, certainly in terms of userbase and ‘fanbase’. Apple can lay claim to heralding the smartphone revolution, and some die hard iPhone fans still stick with their brand regardless of what the competition offers.

This brings on the consideration of what you are used to. For example here at Compare to Save, some of us are die hard iPhone fans and can use IOS in our sleep, while others are android experts and sing high praise about the Android OS. Esesntially though, at a base level, all modern smartphones are suited to browsing the internet, with the main differences being mobile processor speed (how FAST the phone does things). mobile phone memory (how many photos, videos and apps it can store), Screen size and resolution (how good it displays stuff and how easy it is to read), camera quality (some cameras are more hi res than others) and form factor and look (how it looks and feels to the user).  The market is continually changing so as soon as you have bought a new model. accept the fact that the next new model from that manufacturer will be in the pipeline! You can then either keep your current phone, or px it or sell it on ebay and buy a new phone only or wait it out and get a new deal once you are out of contract.

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