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Best Car Insurance Quotes

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How to get a Car Insurance Quote

Getting a quote should be a quick and easy process. You’ll need to know a few facts about your car in order to proceed. Know your registration number, the make and model of your car, the age, value, and any modifications you have made to it.


How to get Cheap Car Insurance

Average costs for car insurance have dropped by 6.6%, to £508 per year. This might be good news for you, but you’ll still have to compare prices and providers to find the best deal. There are also some easy steps to take to ensure that you aren’t paying too much.


Don’t Auto Renew

It sounds strange, but by making it too easy to renew your insurance, you’re probably losing money. When you need to manually renew your insurance, you are reminded to check on available rates. In many cases, this can save you money.


Compare Quotes

Don’t automatically buy from the same company you used last time. Better rates might be available from a competitor. Over half of customers who compare before they renew, save money.


Increase your Insurance Excess

If you are willing to pay more in the case of an accident, most insurers are willing to lower rates. If you are a safe driver and unlikely to make a claim, this is a great way to save money.


What types of Car Insurance are available?

Not all policies are the same, and not every driver has the same needs, so it helps to know what you want before you buy. The main types of insurance are third party, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive.


Third Party Insurance

This is the minimum insurance you can have, and it is required by law. It covers the other party and their vehicle in the event of an accident that is your fault.


Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

This covers your car if a third party (not you) damages, steals, or destroys it by fire.


Fully Comprehensive Insurance

This coverage will pay for damages and costs for you, your car, and for others and their cars, even if the accident is your fault. It includes third party fire and theft, including accidental damage caused by you, and can replace nav systems and other equipment installed or used in the car.


Think about the distance you drive

The lower the annual mileage you agree to, the lower your insurance is likely to be. Make sure it is accurate though, as obvious fraud can negate your coverage.


Other ways to cut the cost of driving

Make sure your car is regularly tuned, and the tyres inflated to the proper pressure for your vehicle. This reduces the fuel used. Watch the price of fuel at various petrol stations – the one nearest your home of office might not be the best deal. Saving a few pounds on each tank can add up.

If you really want to cut down on costs, consider a car share. Fuel and mileage can be split between two or more commuters, really cutting down on costs.

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