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Compare Gas Prices and Gas Deals

Our Best Gas Price provider hotpicks

Why compare gas prices?

Gas prices are set using a standard tariff, which means it is a variable rate. Until recently, gas prices were declining, but the natural rise and fall of prices is starting to move upward again. If you can secure a good deal now, you can save up to £250 per year off your total bill/


Fixing your gas prices

Fixed price tariffs are set at a certain rate, and don’t move with the market. When the prices are falling, fixed rates stay the same and you miss out on the savings. When they are rising, however, as they seem to be now, a fixed rate is a great way to protect yourself against price increases, locking in a good deal now.


Dual Fuel?

In some cases, buying two kinds of fuel from different providers (i.e. gas and electricity), can be the best deal, but more often you can save by bundling gas and electricity together with one company. Discounts on fees and rates can quickly add up.


Pay by direct debit to save money on your gas bill

It is almost always cheaper to set up a direct debit payment for your gas bill. This gives the gas company a more reliable way to receive your payments and lowers administration costs, so they are willing to pass on some of the savings to you.


Discount for online account management

Just like direct payments, handling your account online saves the provider money, and they are willing to pass on some of these savings to you.


Switching gas supplier

Switching suppliers is easier than you think. It takes just 21 days and you don’t need to change any of your gas pipes – there isn’t even any interruption in service. Everything is arranged between your old provider and your new one. You may have to provide a meter reading, but not much else.


Cut your gas usage costs

The key to cutting down in energy costs in a sustainable way is to make little changes. Lower your thermostat by one degree. Insulate your water tank, and keep windows and doors well sealed and in good repair. Even letting sunlight heat your home by keeping curtains open while you are at work will help. Changes like these can add up to hundreds of pounds per year – and you won’t even notice the change.

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