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Compare Cheap Flights

Compare the best Flight Deals

Best flight comparison sites?

Going directly to an airline to buy tickets is among the most expensive options. Online comparisons, like those found on, have become the very best place to find great deals on travel.


Get cheap flights by booking a hotel too

Another great way to save on travel costs is to bundle products. You can almost always find a much better deal for flights and hotel together than you can if you look for them separately. These bundles are not only cheaper, but they often come with extra protection against cancellation of one or the other booking.

Safer and less expensive? Bundle it up!


Are flights protected by ATOL?

If you buy a bundle – or even if you book your flight and hotel with the same company on the same day – you automatically get ATOL protection. If the company goes bust, you will be refunded your money. If you are already away and the company closes, ATOL still covers you and will make sure you get home safely as planned.


When is the best time to book cheap flights?

Opinions on this vary. Some surveys show that flights are the most expensive one month out, but other experts say that earlier is almost always better. A good rule of thumb is to start looking for deals at least two months before you hope to fly. When you see one that matches your budget, you may want to lock it in. If it’s approaching a month from the departure date and the prices are still above what you want, you may need to reconsider your budget or your plans.



Use Easy Jets flexifare to book the wrong date!

Some travellers have used a loophole to get off-peak prices for peak-time flights. It works like this: book the same route you want to fly, but for a date a week or two before peak times. 24 hours after you’ve booked it, Flexifare allows you to change the date at no extra charge. This is risky though; if there is no room on the flight date you want, you will not be able to move your reservation.


Charter can be cheaper

Companies that charter flights to ferry their all-inclusive clients to and from major destinations sometimes sell off the unused seats. If you can find a deal like this, you could be flying charter for cheaper than commercial. Nothing wrong with that!


Stop over flights can save you money

Like with anything, people will pay a premium for convenience. In the realm of air travel, this usually means non-stop flights from your home airport to the destination. If you’re willing to put up with a stop or two, however, great deals can be had.

Flight routes that are generally not full will offer seats at cheaper prices. If the airline can combine a couple of these and still get you to your destination, they save money – and you get your great deal.

Besides, on very long flights, a stopover can be a welcome chance to stretch your legs, get a decent cup of coffee or meal, and use a restroom that is bigger than a tiny closet.


Pay for flights by credit card

If you pay for your flight using a major credit card, the card company is liable if something goes wrong, just like the company providing the flight. It’s a little bit of extra protection to keep your holiday stress-free and enjoyable.

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